In these unprecedented times, we are excited to announce the launch of

PekoPeko Feed it Forward

PekoPeko Feed it Forward delivers meals to Baltimore’s heroic healthcare workers and supports meal programs for the most vulnerable members of our city.

Please help us provide healthy, nutritious meals during the COVID-19 Crisis.

With your help we can Feed it Forward

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Our goal is to raise 75k by August 31st.
Recurring donations will be canceled at the end of August.

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Our Story

In these unprecedented times, we are excited to announce the launch of PekoPeko Feed it Forward.

PekoPeko Feed it Forward delivers meals to Baltimore’s heroic healthcare workers and supports meal programs for the most vulnerable members of our city.

Three years ago PekoPeko opened its doors with a simple mission: to create community through food. For the last two weeks, however, our dining room has sat empty. The Coronavirus pandemic has turned our industry upside down. At the same time, healthcare providers have been thrust onto the frontlines, and the poorest members of Baltimore’s community need more help than ever. This crisis provides restaurants with an opportunity for innovation, but we need your help.

By donating to PekoPeko Feed it Forward you will enable PekoPeko to prepare delicious lunches and dinners for the Emergency Department at Union Memorial Hospital and for the Franciscan Center Soup Kitchen in Baltimore City. At the same time, PekoPeko can continue to employ our full-time staff who count on their paychecks to make ends meet.

People all over the country have been searching for ways to contribute. Feed it Forward provides an opportunity for you not only to support those on the frontlines of this pandemic, but also our team at PekoPeko, a local and independently owned business. This is a time when community interests align beautifully. Everybody wins.

Please help us provide healthy, nutritious meals during the COVID-19 Crisis. With your help we can Feed it Forward.

Thank you for your support!
David Forster, Owner and Operator
PekoPeko Ramen

Feed it Forward in Action!

PekoPeko meals for Baltimore’s Frontline Workers!

Feed it Forward Update

(April 20, 2020) On behalf of all of us at PekoPeko, we wanted to give a big thank you for making Feed it Forward a success so far! Because of your generosity, we have raised more than $32,000 to date, which enables us to deliver over 1,600 meals to emergency rooms and soup kitchens around Baltimore while continuing to pay our full-time staff.

We’ve been cooking up two of our most popular dishes: the Gyu-Don, a rice bowl with beef spare ribs and housemade kimchi, and our vegetarian Japanese Curry Rice. The response from the emergency care workers and those at the soup kitchens has been one of immense gratitude and joy. Since opening the restaurant over three years ago, this has been one of the most gratifying experiences we’ve had, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

As we work to continue Feed it Forward in the coming months, we could use your help spreading the word about our program. Simple actions such as forwarding this email to friends and family who might want to join the effort or sharing one of our Facebook or Instagram posts provides a tangible boost in awareness that can provide another day of meals for our heroes in hospitals and the most vulnerable members of our city. With the still uncertain times ahead, anything and everything helps. You can donate right here on this page, above.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Even when we are at home–especially when we are home–we must continue to come together in support of our communities and each other. Know that in your belief in this program, you have done just that. 

We hope you and your families are safe and well and wish you all the best, 

David & the PekoPeko Team

Additional Information

Our goal is to raise 75k by August 31st. All recurring donations will be canceled at the end of August.

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Donations by check may be sent to:
PekoPeko Ramen
7 East 33rd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

PekoPeko Ramen is a for profit business. Please note that goods and services are provided in exchange for your contribution. As such, this transaction is of an ordinary nature and is not deemed a tax deductible donation.

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Behind the Food

“Ramen is more than just a bowl of noodles. It’s a centerpiece for the kind of friendships, inside jokes, and late nights you’ll remember forever. We hope PekoPeko is a space for your own ramen memories.”

David Forster, Chef & Owner



Fried Chicken Karaage Sriracha mayo 6

Gyoza Dumplings
Pork – Vinegar soy dipping sauce
Chicken – Teriyaki aioli dipping sauce *
Mushrooms – Sweet soy dipping sauce Ve
6pcs/5 or 12pcs/9

Fried Tofu Hoisin, sesame 5

Edamame Ve Sesame miso dipping sauce 4


Shoyu Tokyo-style chicken broth, PekoPeko shoyu, bean sprouts, bok choi, pork chashu 12.5

Tonkotsu 24 hour pork broth, pulled pork, bean sprouts, scallion 12.5

Shio Tokyo-style chicken broth, garlic, sichuan pepper, bean sprouts, bok choi, pork chashu 12.5

Miso Ve Miso broth, bean sprouts, mushrooms 12.5

Kimchi V Miso broth, PekoPeko kimchi, bok choi, ajitama* 12.5


Gyu-don Thinly sliced beef spare ribs, onions, bok choi, kimchi, poached egg* 12.5

Oyako-don Gf Tender chicken, onions, poached egg*, pickled red onions 12.5

Curry Rice Ve | Gf Japanese-style curry, carrots, Japanese yams, pickled ginger 12.5


Ajitama* (marinated soft-boiled egg) 1.5
Miso Spice Bomb 1.5
Pork Chashu 4.5
Shredded Chicken 3
Pulled Pork 3
Butter Corn 2
Tofu 2
Mushrooms 2
Kimchi 2
Butter Corn 2
Small Rice 3
Extra Noodles 3


Mixed Drinks
Grapefruit or Peach Chu-Hi 4.5
Passionfruit or Hibiscus Mule 7

Oriole Park Tall Boy 3
Orion 4
Rotating IPA 7

Nigori Zake Kunizakari 7
Kikusui Funaguchi 11
Panda Cup 11


Matcha Milk Tea Ceremonial grade matcha, almond milk, maple syrup, Chinese Five Spice 4

Yuzu Ginger PekoPeko ginger beer, yuzu juice, honey 4

Aomori Apple Juice  Imported from Japan 4

Yerba Mate 4

Japanese Sodas Melon or White Cream Soda 4

Aomori Apple Juice  Imported from Japan 4

Cold Ito-En Teas Green or Jasmine (bottled) 3.5

Hot Teas
Sencha 4
Herbal Lemongrass Ginger 4
Jade Oolong 4.5


SAT – SUN 11:30A – 3:00P

Bottomless Booze With Ramen or Rice Bowl. Oriole Park Tall Boys or Mimosas 9

Kimchi Grilled Cheese PekoPeko Milk Bread, kimchi and cheddar 6

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Mazemen Cheese sauce, smoked bacon, scrambled egg, scallion 12.5

Sweet and Spicy Noodles Brothless and chilled noodles, garlic, bok choi, mushrooms, poached egg* 12.5


Honey Toast PekoPeko Milk Bread, honey, Taharka ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream 7

Mochi Ice Cream Assorted flavors 3 pcs 5

Dietary Key   |   V: Veg   Ve: Vegan   Gf: Gluten Free
Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase the risk of food borne illness, especially if the consumer has certain medical conditions.

Hospitality Included

PekoPeko is a non-tipping restaurant.
We believe great service should be a given.


Temporarily Closed. Please see our Feed It Forward initiative above.


7 E 33rd Street Baltimore, MD 21218

Voted best ramen in Baltimore.
- Baltimore Magazine
"I could literally eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Friendly staff, eco-friendly restaurant, and of course, top-notch ramen."
- Eric F.
"A winning little restaurant."
- Baltimore Magazine
"First really good bowl of ramen I've had since I got home from Japan over 8 years ago."
- Ryan D.
"Intensely flavorful... A welcome addition to Baltimore's growing ramen scene."
- The Baltimore Sun
"My new favorite ramen in Baltimore. The vibe is good and the food is on point."
- Jason M.