PekoPeko specializes in Tokyo-style ramen that’s creative and fun to showcase the best of Japanese comfort food you’ll want to enjoy again and again. And again.


Treat yo self.


Because great service should be a given.


Safer. Faster. Better for trees.

Behind the Food

“Ramen is more than just a bowl of noodles. It’s a centerpiece for the kind of friendships, inside jokes, and late nights you’ll remember forever. We hope PekoPeko is a space for your own ramen memories.”

  David Forster, Chef & Owner



Fried Chicken Karaage Sweet and spicy mayo 10

Gyoza Dumplings
Pork, cabbage, ginger, garlic vinegar dipping sauce
Chicken, cabbage, yuzu teriyaki dipping aioli*
Shiitake and button mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, sweet soy dipping sauce Ve
6pcs/5 or 12pcs/9

Edamame Ve Edamame, miso ginger dipping sauce 4


Shoyu Chicken broth, shoyu, pork chashu, bean sprouts, spinach, nori 10

TanTan Chicken broth, marinated beef, spicy sesame chili paste, ginger, mayu, bean sprouts 13

Curry Chicken broth, marinated beef, Japanese curry spices, bean sprouts 12

Miso Ve Veggie broth, miso, mushroom medley, bean sprouts 12

Kimchi* V Veggie broth, miso, kimchi, spinach, ajitama 12

Spicy Sichuan Mazemen* CHILLED, BROTHLESS Marinated beef, cucumbers, red peppers, Japanese guacamole, ajitama, spicy Sichuan vinaigrette 13

Ajitama* (marinated soft-boiled egg) 1.5
Miso Spice Bomb 1.5
Pork Chashu 4.5
Shredded Chicken 3
Marinated Beef 3
Tofu 2
Kimchi 2 
Butter Corn 2
Spicy Mushrooms 2
Small Rice 3
Extra Noodles 3


Gyu Han Marinated beef, onions, ginger, spinach, kimchi 12

Curry Rice Ve | Gf Japanese-style curry, vegetables, pickled red onions 13

Oyako Don* Gf Marinated chicken, egg, yuzu, tamari, pickled red onions 12

Spicy Sichuan* Marinated beef, cucumbers, red peppers, Japanese guacamole, ajitama, spicy Sichuan vinaigrette 13

Beer, Sake & More

Oriole Park Tall Boy Peabody Heights Baltimore, ABV 4.5% 3

Orion Japan, ABV 5% 4

Seasonal IPA Rotating Special 7

JPop Peach Chu-Hi Japan, ABV 4.5% 4.5

JPop Grapefruit Chu-Hi Japan, ABV 4.5% 4.5

Kunizakari Nigori Zake Japan, ABV 14% 7

Kikusui Funaguchi Japan, ABV 19% 11


Cardinal Mule Passionfruit or Raspberry 6

Beer & Chu-Hi Bucket Buy 5 get the 6th Free! 

Yuzu Ginger Mimosa All day Sat and Sun 6

Kimchi Bloody Mary All day Sat and Sun 9


Matcha Milk Tea Matcha, maple syrup, Chinese five spice, almond milk 4

Yuzu Ginger Beer Yuzu, ginger purée, honey 4

Wild Kombucha (local) Ginger Grapefruit, Mango Peach, or Elderberry 4

Japanese Sodas White cream soda or Melon cream soda 3

Aomori Apple Juice  Imported from Japan 4

Ceremony Coffee   Seasonal cold brew 4.25

Ito-En Cold Teas Green tea or Jasmine tea 3.5

Passenger Hot Teas
Sencha (Green) 4
Jade (Oolong) 4.5
Lemon Ginger (Herbal) 4


Chashu Toast All day Sat – Sun. House milk bread, pork chashu, sunny egg, tonkastsu sauce 9


Honey Toast House-made Japanese milk bread, Taharka Bros. ice cream, chocolate drizzle 7

Mochi Ice Cream 1pc/2.5, 3pcs/4.75

Dietary Key   |   V: Veg   Ve: Vegan   Gf: Gluten Free
Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase the risk of food borne illness, especially if the consumer has certain medical conditions.

Hospitality Included

PekoPeko is a non-tipping restaurant.
We believe great service should be a given.


11:30A – 10:00P • Every Day


7 E 33rd Street Baltimore, MD 21218

Voted best ramen in Baltimore.
- Baltimore Magazine
"I could literally eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Friendly staff, eco-friendly restaurant, and of course, top-notch ramen."
- Eric F.
"A winning little restaurant."
- Baltimore Magazine
"First really good bowl of ramen I've had since I got home from Japan over 8 years ago."
- Ryan D.
"Intensely flavorful... A welcome addition to Baltimore's growing ramen scene."
- The Baltimore Sun
"My new favorite ramen in Baltimore. The vibe is good and the food is on point."
- Jason M.