Thank you Baltimore for three amazing years.
We are now Permanently Closed


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Because great service should be a given.


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Behind the Food

“Ramen is more than just a bowl of noodles. It’s a centerpiece for the kind of friendships, inside jokes, and late nights you’ll remember forever. We hope PekoPeko is a space for your own ramen memories.”

David Forster, Chef & Owner



Fried Chicken Karaage Sriracha mayo 6

Gyoza Dumplings
Pork – Vinegar soy dipping sauce
Chicken – Teriyaki aioli dipping sauce *
Mushrooms – Sweet soy dipping sauce Ve
6pcs/5 or 12pcs/9

Fried Tofu Hoisin, sesame 5

Edamame Ve Sesame miso dipping sauce 4


Shoyu Tokyo-style chicken broth, PekoPeko shoyu, bean sprouts, bok choi, pork chashu 12.5

Tonkotsu 24 hour pork broth, pulled pork, bean sprouts, scallion 12.5

Shio Tokyo-style chicken broth, garlic, sichuan pepper, bean sprouts, bok choi, pork chashu 12.5

Miso Ve Miso broth, bean sprouts, mushrooms 12.5

Kimchi V Miso broth, PekoPeko kimchi, bok choi, ajitama* 12.5


Gyu-don Thinly sliced beef spare ribs, onions, bok choi, kimchi, poached egg* 12.5

Oyako-don Gf Tender chicken, onions, poached egg*, pickled red onions 12.5

Curry Rice Ve | Gf Japanese-style curry, carrots, Japanese yams, pickled ginger 12.5


Ajitama* (marinated soft-boiled egg) 1.5
Miso Spice Bomb 1.5
Pork Chashu 4.5
Shredded Chicken 3
Pulled Pork 3
Butter Corn 2
Tofu 2
Mushrooms 2
Kimchi 2
Butter Corn 2
Small Rice 3
Extra Noodles 3


Mixed Drinks
Grapefruit or Peach Chu-Hi 4.5
Passionfruit or Hibiscus Mule 7

Oriole Park Tall Boy 3
Orion 4
Rotating IPA 7

Nigori Zake Kunizakari 7
Kikusui Funaguchi 11
Panda Cup 11


Matcha Milk Tea Ceremonial grade matcha, almond milk, maple syrup, Chinese Five Spice 4

Yuzu Ginger PekoPeko ginger beer, yuzu juice, honey 4

Aomori Apple Juice  Imported from Japan 4

Yerba Mate 4

Japanese Sodas Melon or White Cream Soda 4

Aomori Apple Juice  Imported from Japan 4

Cold Ito-En Teas Green or Jasmine (bottled) 3.5

Hot Teas
Sencha 4
Herbal Lemongrass Ginger 4
Jade Oolong 4.5


SAT – SUN 11:30A – 3:00P

Bottomless Booze With Ramen or Rice Bowl. Oriole Park Tall Boys or Mimosas 9

Kimchi Grilled Cheese PekoPeko Milk Bread, kimchi and cheddar 6

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Mazemen Cheese sauce, smoked bacon, scrambled egg, scallion 12.5

Sweet and Spicy Noodles Brothless and chilled noodles, garlic, bok choi, mushrooms, poached egg* 12.5


Honey Toast PekoPeko Milk Bread, honey, Taharka ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream 7

Mochi Ice Cream Assorted flavors 3 pcs 5

Dietary Key   |   V: Veg   Ve: Vegan   Gf: Gluten Free
Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase the risk of food borne illness, especially if the consumer has certain medical conditions.

Hospitality Included

PekoPeko is a non-tipping restaurant.
We believe great service should be a given.


Temporarily Closed. Please see our Feed It Forward initiative above.


7 E 33rd Street Baltimore, MD 21218

Voted best ramen in Baltimore.
- Baltimore Magazine
"I could literally eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Friendly staff, eco-friendly restaurant, and of course, top-notch ramen."
- Eric F.
"A winning little restaurant."
- Baltimore Magazine
"First really good bowl of ramen I've had since I got home from Japan over 8 years ago."
- Ryan D.
"Intensely flavorful... A welcome addition to Baltimore's growing ramen scene."
- The Baltimore Sun
"My new favorite ramen in Baltimore. The vibe is good and the food is on point."
- Jason M.